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There are various genres of games available today and among them the puzzles are always addicting and interesting as they mainly focus on the conceptual and logical challenges. Sometimes the puzzles might also involve a timely pressure or some other action elements in the game play. Some of the games packed with action and adventure also involve some puzzles when acquiring some objects that are hard to find but the true puzzle games will focus only on these types of activities completely. Some of the famous addictive puzzle games are the Call of Atlantis, Bejeweled, Treasure Island and more. One such addictive puzzle game is the Apple Life, a new game launched for iPad.

If you are one who likes the puzzle games and love to play an addicting one than the usual games here is it for you. Get the Apple Life downloaded to your iPad free of cost and enjoy the game and its game play. It is time to leave behind all the adventurous games and the action games and start involving into addictive ones like this. The iPad always brings a new approach of playing games and this game is quite worth it to play. This game and its game play are sure to win your heart in the first try itself as it has a lot of interesting elements that make it addictive and attractive.

The game has a game board filled with apples of several colors and varieties on one side and the score board and game elements on the other side. The main challenge that this game puts forward to you is to clear all the apples that are in the game board by creating matches using same ones. You can exchange the apples in adjacent positions to make matches and thereby eliminate them from the game board. There is one criterion in making the matches and it is that there should be at least three apples of the same type in a chain for it to disappear. There can also be more than three apples or more than one chain of apples at the same time for which you will get more points.

There are some surprising elements in the game play of the Apple Life game of iPad and they are very useful for the attractiveness of the game. The game play not only has the stationary apples that are available in all the games of this type but also apples that can revolve and add an appealing 3D effect while you play. There are various types of game elements like normal apples, rainbow apples and rotten apples and all these prove very challenging in their own way. The rainbow apples will act as joker and are capable of clubbing with apples of any type to make them disappear while the rotten apples are dangerous and if touched they will explode and eliminate all the apples and so they must be tactfully moved to the bottom of the game board.

Apple Life also has other game elements or bonus elements like the Baskets, Group Baskets and Apple Bombs. These elements are quite challenging and are purchased with the points that you earn as you progress with the game play. The Baskets can eliminate a row of apples when tapped on while the Group Baskets can eliminate the apples that are available in the vertical and horizontal positions of the row. The Apple Bombs are the ideal for effective game play as they eliminate all the apples once tapped. You can buy up to 100 Baskets, 40 Group Baskets and 20 Apple Bombs through in-app purchases.

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  1. Yes, right There are various genres of games available today and among them the puzzles are always addicting and interesting as they mainly focus on the conceptual and logical challenges. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking out for play free games online